How To Know If You’ve Nailed That Job Interview

“Did I not explain myself well enough?” “I think that didn’t go so well!” “I should have answered that question better!”

For most people, the post-interview anxiety is very real and very disturbing. Our brains go into overdrive, analysing all the ways an interview could have gone better. However, there are a few ways for us to put our minds at ease after an interview.

Interviewers usually give away a few tell-tale signs that indicate an interview indeed did go well. Want to avoid the post-interview anxiety? Read on to learn how you can figure out if you’ve nailed an interview!


1. Did it last longer than expected?
If your interview surpasses the designated amount of time allocated, then you’re in luck! Prospective employers are more likely to extend interview sessions with further questions when a candidate seems promising.

What was supposed to be a 20 minute session, ended being 45 minutes long. This is definitely not a bad sign. Interviewers would not want to waste your time, or even theirs, if the session is not going your way.

This extended interview is to allow prospective employers to get all the information they need to know about you before making their final decision. However, more likely than not, you are in!


2. Did it get personal?
During the interview, you may notice the conversation getting a little personal – What do your parents do? What are your hobbies? Did you make your bed this morning?

This indicates that the interviewer has developed a certain comfort level with you and that’s always a good thing. A little back and forth banter is also a promising sign. Employers always find added benefit when their prospective employees are easy to converse with.

So, don’t be alarmed if the interview does not only involve hard-hitting questions. Sometimes, it’s the small talk that can make all the difference.


3. Did the interviewer start selling their company?
When you start hearing about medical benefits and bonuses and salary increments, it usually means that the interviewer wants to secure you for the job. This indicates that you’ve absolutely nailed the interview.

By doing so, he or she is demonstrating their interest and wants to ensure you accept the job offer once it is made. They wouldn’t want you to be swayed by other interviews and offers if they’ve decided on hiring you.

In fact, some even may ask you if you’re interviewing with other employers to evaluate how competitive an offer they need to make. These are all surefire signs that your interview is going great.

However, in this economic climate, do not be alarmed if they do not bring up incentives during an interview.

4. Did the interviewer introduce you to their team?
If the interviewer introduces you to team members or superiors, it usually means they want you to get acquainted with their company. This is a very good sign.

By doing this, they also show the team that you’re a very promising candidate, and hiring you would bring benefits to the company. However, as interviews are mostly being conducted online, it may be difficult for interviewers to introduce you to the team.

As such, do not be discouraged if this does not happen.


5. Did their body language change?
What most people fail to notice during interviews is body language.

An interviewer’s body language can give away lots of hints. Slight nodding of the head, frequent eye contact, sitting upright rather than slumped in a chair, smiling – these are all indications that they think you are employable.

It is sometimes a little difficult to completely gauge this aspect in an online interview, but it is certainly possible. Speaking enthusiastically and animatedly is also a very good sign. So, during your next interview, be sure to keep track of the interviewer’s reactions and body language to gauge if you’re doing well.


It must be kept in mind that not all interviewers will display similar signs but more often than not, at least one of these aspects will show. However, do not be discouraged if you fail to notice any of the above tell-tale signs. It does not mean the interview did not go in your favour. These are, after all, just a few possible pointers.
If you do see some of these signs during your interview and you wound up getting that job, do let us know in the comments or head on over to our post on Instagram! Good luck!