Getting A Job You Are Unqualified For

Have you come across job postings you were really interested in, but then held yourself back from applying because you felt ‘unqualified’? Perhaps the lack of experience, or paper qualification kept you from sending in that resume? Here’s something you may not know.  Back in 2019, 84% of hiring managers actually said that they would hire a candidate who lacks the required experience, provided, at the very first meet, they displayed other qualities worth a taking a second look. Today, mere paper qualification does not make a good employee. Skills, not written on paper, are what an employer of today is looking for.   Pre-Interview Prep  Now, when you are first called up for an interview, be it a physical or virtual one, your approach towards the whole interview process will make or break it for you. Before you attend an interview, read up about your potential employer and organisation. Run through the job requirements again, and prepare answers according to the needs of the job. Tailor your skills and experiences without fabricating any details, which may put you in an answerable position.      Reframe Your Skills  Remember to always talk about your skills, angling it to where you are heading, and not where you have been. Bang on transferable skills. Talk about skills relevant across all areas – from work, social life, professional aspect. People skills, adaptability, leadership, creativity, multi-tasking, and time management are what employers look for in employees of todays. How can you identify your transferable skills? Reflect on the job description, zero in on the soft-skills, and analyse the skills you have that can get you the job. If this is not your first job, you can list down how your skills have helped you in performance, career progression, or simple communication with fellow colleagues. This is sure to capture the attention of your potential employer.      Get Someone To Vouch For You  It would be great if you could get a former employer or a person of credibility to vouch for you – in support of your good character and work conduct. If this is your first job, a lecturer can be your point of reference.      Express Your Enthusiasm & Excitement  Agreeing to an interview in the first place shows that you actually did have some interest in the said job. So, don’t blow that chance away by displaying lacklustre attitude throughout the interview. Show enthusiasm, express excitement, and remember to ask questions. Be aware and pay attention to your own body language, as it can tell a lot.  Bottom line, you may not be 100% qualified for the job you are applying for, but if you focus on what you have to offer, and have the ability to convince through a stellar cover letter and interview, you are almost there!! 
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