Does Age Affect Employability?

When one first graduates (most probably in your early twenties), a plethora of employment possibilities and opportunities lie ahead. You are fresh, gung-ho and all ready to take on the world. Years down the road (I’m talking a decade or two), if one does not have that same drive as when first started, waking up for work becomes a struggle. You become complacent at the workplace, and will most probably be underperforming. At this point, the thought of switching jobs does not even cross your mind, as you think you have passed the age of employability. You start seeing fine lines, wrinkles, greying, your vision too may be failing.

Now, this brings us to ask, does age matter when it comes to employability? Just so you know, age is no barrier when it comes to employability when one has the necessary skills. True to a certain extent that age tends to slow most individuals down, but even at 50 years, one is considered very much employable. If you have stayed in a company for a respectable number of years, learn to evolve and grow with it.


To get a clearer understanding, let’s look at what keeps an individual employable:



What this means is, that you, regardless a fresh graduate or employed individual, need to show an understanding of the business or organization you are attached to, and the market place, or if you have been long with an organization, it is key to know the direction of your employer/company so you can progress together.


2. Strong COMMUNICATION Skills

Not only an employer, but don’t we all want clear and crisp communication across all levels? Effective communication is two ways. The key to this is being able to focus and tailor your message across all audience effectively. Hence, make sure to add in listening skills as this comes in handy. Keep in mind that excellent communication skills are the foundation to other employability skills


3. ‘TEAMWORK Makes the Dreamwork’

In organizations, working as a team is fundamental, not only to the performance of a particular department, but for you, as an employee. Build positive work relationships, be a team player, and work by helping everyone achieve their goals and objectives. Prove that you, no matter what age, are a keeper!


4. LEADERSHIP by Example

One does not assume the position of leader overnight. You grow into it. Along your career path, working with seniors and juniors, will teach you a thing or two. Employers are always on the lookout for individuals who can work independently, delegate duties and share responsibilities. So, pave your path and lead by example.