Tan Wei Hao20210730050956

Tan Wei Hao

July 30, 20210 comments
I am extremely grateful for JustLaw and BAC for providing such amazing platform to help students finding jobs. More importantly, the staff of JustLaw ...
David Ng20210730050352

David Ng

July 30, 20210 comments
I would like to thank Mr. Raja Singham, BAC and GradJobs for the support rendered which has enabled me to secure a position as a legal counsel. Your c...


July 30, 20210 comments
I sincerely wish to thank BAC, Mr. Raja Singham and GradJobs for providing an interactive customer service. I get daily updates and very useful inform...


July 30, 20210 comments
Justlaw was just so perfect for a law graduate like me who has no prior experience in job seeking. It made the whole job seeking process within the le...
Lai Jing Yen20210730035214

Lai Jing Yen

haarshiniJuly 30, 20210 comments
I received an Apprenticeship programme offer yesterday and would just like to say a million thanks for your kind assistance throughout this process. I...


haarshiniJuly 30, 20210 comments
JustLaw is a very comprehensive and engaging platform. Being more than just a job seeking platform, it also provides career tips that prompt job seeke...


July 30, 20210 comments
I’m a fresh graduate with a Bachelor’s degree. I was looking for job opportunities but due to the pandemic it became difficult to procure a job. Then ...
Clara Oi Ai Leen20210730034139

Clara Oi Ai Leen

haarshiniJuly 30, 20210 comments
As a fresh graduate, using JustLaw has been so helpful! This platform has offered helpful advice and tips on how to improve my cover letter and CV. Fu...
Muhd Fitri20210730034023

Muhd Fitri

July 30, 20210 comments
I would like to say thank you to Jackie Urban, GradJobs & BAC for guiding me along the process of looking for a job. And I successfully received a...
Pavitra Murugayah20210730033736

Pavitra Murugayah

July 30, 20210 comments
I am Pavitra from Johor. I have just graduated from GradsJobs in May 2021. I received guidance on my resumé and daily updates on vacancies that are av...