5 Simple Steps to Landing a Job using LinkedIn

5 Simple Steps to Landing a Job using LinkedIn
LinkedIn is an online networking site that helps connect job seekers with recruiters, hiring managers and cutting edge professional networks. LinkedIn is undoubtedly the social network for professionals looking for work, or even if you are not looking for one right now. According to Jobvite, today 92% of recruiters use social media in their jobs, and LinkedIn is the social media they use the most. However, many job seekers do not use LinkedIn to find jobs. Instead, they copy and paste their resume and hope that the right employer will find them. Let’s dive into 5 simple steps to land your intended job. Before that, have you got your LinkedIn profile ready yet?
  1. Build Your Professional LinkedIn Profile
If you’re new to LinkedIn, building your profile is the foundation. Just imagine you’re converting your CV/Resume into a digital profile. Fill up your name, header, location, job title, past experience (if any), education, certifications and relevant contact information. As such, you should be able to complete your profile within an hour. Having a professional and attractive profile picture and banner might get a potential employer’s attention and scroll through your profile. Always remember, First Impression Is the Best Impression.
  1. Optimize your profile.
If you want to beat the market competition, you have to optimize your profile with a few more tweaks and move on to adding some important keywords. Remember you are marketing yourself to get a job, so, include as many relevant keywords in the header section, about section and experience section.  Write a comprehensive LinkedIn profile that contains a large number of keywords that match the type of job you want.
  1. Find Jobs with The All Filter Options & Utilize Easy Apply Feature
On top of the LinkedIn page, you may find the Jobs logo third from right. Simply click the button and you will be directed to the Job application page. In the job application page, first you have to type your intended job position that you wish to apply together with the location you want to work at. This will filter out the jobs available at the specific location. Secondly, you may click all filters options on the right and choose the relevant information to narrow down more recent jobs. Always look out for the past week and past 24 hours for the latest and updated job vacancies. After you have set up your favored filter option, then simply click the Easy Apply button on the tabs. LinkedIn Easy Apply uses the pre-saved information and saved responses in your profile to apply for the job of accepting the information contained in Easy Apply. When the employer decides to allow easy application, you can submit your LinkedIn profile in response to the job posting. When applying for a job directly through LinkedIn, you can use the “Easy Apply” button.
  1. Attach Resumes in Your Applications
When applying for a job through LinkedIn instead of on the company website, you can attach your resume directly to your application. During the application process you may also upload your resume to supplement your LinkedIn profile. Resumes submitted can be used for your future application.
  1. Connecting Smart & Pitch Yourself
Many job applicants will miss out on this step. Always search for the person responsible for the job vacancy post. Send a connection request to them and formally introduce yourself. This is where employers tend to see those who take extra effort to make connections. This shows you are very well aware of the advanced job application strategy thus increasing chances of looking at your well-crafted profile. Pitching yourself in a correct way might get yourself a new connection and improve your communication with those in the deciding seats who might be an influence to your employment. All these steps are important for you to take into action when you’re applying via LinkedIn. Some employers also will watch out for your activeness in LinkedIn, so be active, connect with relevant people in your field, post and engage in quality content. All the best for your successful job application.
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