Pavitra Murugayah20210730033736

Pavitra Murugayah

nithiyahJuly 30, 20210 comments
I am Pavitra from Johor. I have just graduated from GradsJobs in May 2021. I received guidance on my resumé and daily updates on vacancies that are av...
Fiona Goh20210730033501

Fiona Goh

haarshiniJuly 30, 20210 comments
Thank You Mr. Raja, BAC, and Justlaw, for providing this platform for us to apply for jobs. It is really convenient for all of us!!! Thank you so much...
Rajansharma Manisdas20210730033233

Rajansharma Manisdas

nithiyahJuly 30, 20210 comments
First of all, I thank Mr. Raja Singham for giving me an opportunity to attend Professional Certificate in Office Administration. I have successfully f...
Post Pandemic Job Interview Questions20210728093105

Post Pandemic Job Interview Questions

nithiyahJuly 28, 20210 comments
You may still be trying to figure things out on your end, especially how to navigate this new reality of many unprecedented circumstances. You may be ...
Does Age Affect Employability?20210728092956

Does Age Affect Employability?

nithiyahJuly 28, 20210 comments
When one first graduates (most probably in your early twenties), a plethora of employment possibilities and opportunities lie ahead. You are fresh, gu...
How Not To Be An Anxious Job-Seeker20210728092832

How Not To Be An Anxious Job-Seeker

nithiyahJuly 28, 20210 comments
We rang in 2021 with the hope for new beginnings and opportunities. But we’re two weeks in and have just begun the second lockdown – not at all ideal ...
What Employers Demand From Graduate Job Seekers20210728092728

What Employers Demand From Graduate Job Seekers

nithiyahJuly 28, 20210 comments
Okay, so you’re done with University and now you’re looking for a job. Figuring out what employers are looking in graduates may be tough. Here are som...
How To Stay Positive While Job Hunting20210728092536

How To Stay Positive While Job Hunting

nithiyahJuly 28, 20210 comments
It’s hard not to feel frustrated when you have been searching for a job over a long period of time. The key thing to remember is that staying positive...
How Personality and Passions Shape Career Path20210728092413

How Personality and Passions Shape Career Path

nithiyahJuly 28, 20210 comments
Traditionally when people think of work, it is not usually something that personally relates to them or something they enjoy doing. Work was often tho...
How To Know If You’ve Nailed That Job Interview20210728092142

How To Know If You’ve Nailed That Job Interview

nithiyahJuly 28, 20210 comments
“Did I not explain myself well enough?” “I think that didn’t go so well!” “I should have answered that question better!” For most people, the post-int...